We were looking to adopt two cats from one of the shelters in the area. We had sent an e-mail to PCHS inquiring about the adoption procedures. I got an e-mail on Friday afternoon saying that if we planned to come in on Saturday that we had to have the application in that day. We got the application in that Friday afternoon and hoped that it would be approved in time. Saturday morning, we got up and went to the shelter hoping we would be able to adopt some cats. While we were looking at the available cats, the director called the shelter to approve our application and confirmed that we would be able to bring home two cats that day.

After seeing April and Mocha playing together in the condo, we knew they were a perfect pair. Seeing Mocha race up the rope scratching post and then back down again to surprise April was certainly a sight to behold. They both had been in the condo since they were kittens and were loved by the staff at PCHS. Newly named Charlotte and Tweak, respectively, they are both enjoying their new surroundings in Christiansburg. There is plenty of room to run around which they do all the time (including now while I am typing this). Scurrying up and down the stairs is a favorite. We donít know how they manage to sound like a herd of elephants when they are chasing each other upstairs. We both love their surprise "attacks" that go on for the majority of the day.

Tweak has a fascination with water and loves to get in any of the sinks and bathtubs. She is also mesmerized by the bubbles in a soda bottle. She will play with her favorite red feather toy endlessly. Our favorite though is when she wants attention, she will approach and "head-butt" you. Charlotte loves to play with her food on the kitchen floor. She looks like quite a soccer player. Charlotte "talks" all the time with her unique meow and loves to sit in her window seat. When you rub your fingers together, she will stand up on her two back legs and lean against you to rub her head. Whenever we come home, both Tweak and Charlotte come running full force down the stairs to greet us. If they are already downstairs, then they are looking out the windows as we pull up in the driveway. When they are not attacking our feet in the bed, they are sleeping right next to us.

Thanks to all of the devoted staff at PCHS for taking such good care of our lovable feline friends. We love you, Tweak and Charlotte!