I had been on the look out for a small dog to add to my family. I like to participate in flyball and agility with my dogs. Between what I was looking for, what my husband was looking for, and what my other two dogs would require of the new addition, the list of "must haves" for a 3rd dog was pretty long. Well, after keeping an eye out at the shelter for almost 9 months, little Tippet! fit the bill. She loves toys, loves to eat, she gets along well with other dogs, and she's fast as lightening on her little stubby legs. She wasn't a puppy but was close full grown at a little under a year old. While some people want a couch potato, I was looking for a dog that can run with the big dogs all weekend at a flyball tournament and not get tired after a day of agility. However, she also couldn't be so bonkers that she wouldn't behave herself in the house (husband's requirement *grin*). As we say around our house, she needed an "off switch". And oh yeah, she had to be really cute!!!

Well, She has totally won my husband over and is an absolute joy to train. He named her Tippet! after some fly fishing thing. She is super smart and learning quickly at both agility and flyball. It's as if she was born to play both sports. It's hard to believe she was ever in the shelter at all. Her favorite games are tugging and fetching her mini tennis ball. Taking all the stuffing out of toys is pretty fun too. Oh yeah, and eating dog food and yogurt out of her mini Kong. My favorite times are when I'm teaching her anything new (she's so smart) and when she falls dead asleep on my lap on the couch. She gives 100% at everything, including sleeping. She almost always snores in the car on the way home from flyball or agility. She's simply the perfect little dog for our family and we love her.

Special thanks go out to her foster mom and dad who kept her while we waited for our new house to be finished. I couldn't have adopted her without them!!

- Jennie, Shawn, Oliver, Zanzibar & Tippet!