Here's a picture of our newest member of the family "Slinky". I adopted him from the animal shelter the middle of June and he is one of the sweetest kittens I've ever had. He's right at home, we bathed him which he wasn't thrilled about but did well. I now have three white cats (four cats in all and two dogs). I had never been to the pound before, but I saw Slinky on an e-mail I received and fell in love. I am SO GLAD I opened that e-mail that day. Slinky has changed our lives; and get this, my husband didn't like cats till he met me ( I have always had cats) and he's the one that named Slinky. I think he would get rid of me before Slinky and me vice verse-a. They truly had some beautiful kittens at the animal shelter, I would have taken more if my husband would agree.