Hi All! Here are some photos of Sarris, whom we now call RacerSaurus. She is hard to photograph because she is so busy she just doesn't have the time for a photo shoot. She has so much to do in our house! She has to make sure the toys get exercised, that the sun is fully appreciated, that the dirty dishes don't stay on the counter too long, and that AddiTurbo keeps her face clean. (Addi thinks she can keep her face clean, just fine, thanks.)

She loves to sit on Duncan's lap and watch him play video games. She is truly Duncan's Cat. She'll follow him around and insist on sitting with him. She'll tolerate me skritchin' her head, but she just can't get enough lovin' from her People Man. She doesn't say much, but boy! she purrs so LOUDLY that she actually wakes us up at night!

Thanks for letting us spend so much time with the cats in the Cat Condo!