I adopted Nicci (formerly Cookie) two months out of college in July 2009. Since I knew that I wanted to adopt a dog once I graduated, naturally I started looking months in advance to torture myself. I came across Nicci's profile in April or May and fell in love. She was everything I was looking for - great with dogs, kids, cats, medium size. She was beautiful. Because I knew I couldn't adopt her yet, I vowed not to look at Petfinder again until I was ready to adopt. Of course, I started looking again after a couple of months even though I was still not quite ready. I was floored to find that she was still on Petfinder. I felt that this had to be some sort of sign that I was supposed to go see her. I quickly arranged to take a day trip down to the Dublin area to meet her. My mom and I talked the whole way down about our expectations, what we had to ask about and deal breakers, and to not make any decisions too quickly. But as soon as Nicci's savior and foster, Rita Anderson, opened the door and a skinny black blur came out wiggling her whole body, that was it. After our visit, we got into the car and looked at each other and knew that was my dog.

Since Nicci was adopted, she has enjoyed playing with her numerous BFFs - humans, dogs, cats and horses alike. She can't live without a pillow to lay her head upon and loves to chew a good bone. We are hoping to start agility this fall to put that athletic body to good use!

Nicci is my heart, pure and simple. She's the most perfect dog anyone could ask for and I can't imagine life without her.