Molly (then Pinky) has been the best addition to our family. My husband found Pinky online and decided she would be my Christmas present. We went down to the shelter on December 9, 2006, with no intentions on getting a pet that day (We where there to look only). Pinky happened to be out in the lobby, but we decided to look at some other dogs in the shelter. My husband decided it was time to go. While we were outside, more people kept showing up, and he asked me if I liked Pinky. I of course said yes. And he said "She's awfully cute, and there are a lot of people coming in, go ask to see how she reacts with us" 20 minutes later we were taking her home.

It took us a about a week to come up with her new name, but it fits her and she likes it. She is doing absolutely wonderful and growing like a weed. She was younger than we thought. She is now 5 1/2 months and weights about 35 lbs. She got bigger than we thought as well. She was very easy to train, and teach new tricks to. It only took me 3 weeks to potty train, and one night each to teach sit, lay down, shake, and speak. She is extremely smart. I recently took Molly to the vet and they informed me that she is part Jack Russell Terrier and possibly Boxer. We don't really care what she is, because she is perfect.

Molly loves to run and play. She has a teddy bear and blanket that she sleeps with, but mostly sleeps in the bed with us. She is so not spoiled. Just kidding. She is very spoiled. She has tons of toys, and she plays with all of them. She even has her own rain coat. She gets doggy treats bought for her on a regular basis, especially if it is a new type of treat. Her favorite treats are doggy cookies, that look like Oreos (except they are made for doggies, so they are healthy). She also loves to go for walks and runs. We take her off the leash when no one is around and she runs like crazy, but stays close. Molly is the best pet ever. I am so glad we decided to add her to our family.

Thank You Pulaski County Animal Shelter for allowing us to adopt Molly and being able to give her a great home! This truly has been a Happy Ending!