Last October 26, 2007 I was at the shelter getting information and pictures to send to the Webmasters when I noticed a very shy, frightened little Terrier named Bentley. She'd been brought to the shelter with 3 puppies. Her puppies were adopted right away. Bentley however languished at the shelter for days. Julie, the shelter manager, had her in her office so I had a chance to watch and observe her. Julie put her outside in the fenced yard while she ran some errands for the shelter. I noticed it start to rain so I went to let Bentley back in. She was standing in the far corner of the fenced yard shaking. I called to her and she ran inside. Seeming grateful she started following me around the office as I gathered information. She reminded me so much of our little pooch at home, Sadie. Bentley had a lot of the same little mannerisms. I called my husband Bill to stop by and meet her. It was instant love when he saw her. We brought her home that very day and she's been a huge part of our family ever since. She and Sadie love each other as though they were sisters. They romp, play, cuddle and keep each other company when we're gone. We renamed her Molly, a name more befitting her sweet and loving nature. It's as though Molly has always been with us. She is truly a gift.