While browsing petfinder.com, I ran across some kittens and fell in love with Kung Foo as soon as I saw him. After applying to adopt, him my family and I drove to Pulaski from Lynchburg to meet with Anita and bring our new family member home with us! We renamed Kung Foo "Louie" and he has become a part of our family with no effort!

He loves his four-legged brother, Amos, and they have a great time playing together. Louie doesn’t see himself as any smaller than Amos, and has no trouble keeping up with his brother! He loves to lay on your chest and shoulders and is very affectionate and loving as well as playful. Louie loves to climb the sides of my mesh hampers and his favorite place to nap during the day is inside of them (as you can see from the photo!) He is a great little guy and a welcome addition to our family!! I am so glad that I stumbled upon his photo on petfinders! It was truly fate that he came to live with us!! Thank you everyone at PCHS for helping us to adopt him!!