I was looking for a mix breed dog that could be an addition to my family. My husband's job requires him to be gone periodically and I feel a dog is better than a gun! So I started looking through to find that special dog. I found a pic of a plump tiny little boxer mix in Pulaski County VA. I didn't think it would be that far away so I decided to drive and check the pup out. I got there 15 minutes too late and everyone had left for the day. The trip (in total) was over 3 hours because I got lost.

I was so tired and disgusted when I got home that I decided that I would not go up there again. Later on in the evening I was reading about Pulaski County and realized that they only had so many days to keep an animal before he would have to put it to sleep. So I decided that I needed to pursue this. I got up bright and early the next morning so that I could get up there and back easily. On my way up there I called the shelter and asked some questions about the pup. They had nothing but good things to say about him, so that furthered my determination. When I got up there, I saw this pot bellied tiny little boxer mix. He appeared to be a week or two younger than what they thought (In my opinion). I did the puppy test on him to figure out what sort of personality he might have. I flipped him on his back and held him like a baby, opened his mouth and poked around, lifted his legs, poked around his ears, held him in my lap on his back and played with him...the list goes on. He had a lovely temperment. He was meant for me and my family. I did not like the name they had for him "G-Hog" so I named him "Little Soldier". The whole way home he sat/laid in my lap and didn't fuss or bother with anything. We went to PetsMart to get puppy food and when I set him in the cart to push him around, he was in heaven! He loves to be in the cart and see/smell/hear all that is going on.

I started him on Puppy formula and he will be going to the vet this week. He is being crate trained and potty trained. He is learning that he is not the boss from my OLD dog who corrects him when he gets too rambunctous. He is a really good pup and very very smart. He was meant for this family as sure as anything! I fear had I not gone up there, he would have been put down. I think he knows how lucky he is.

We are lucky to have him too!