My cat of approx. 13 years was an indoor cat who went outside for a couple hours a day. One day he didn't return home. We called the pound, shelters, vet clinics and put up posters around our neighborhood. He never returned and our hearts were broken.

We went to the Pulaski County Humane Society in January of 2006 to see the cats they had available for adoption. We took Kit home that day (he is the grey/white cat.) We were told at the time we took Kit that his owner had brought him and his buddy in together. They were in the same cage when we saw them but I just wasn't prepared to take two cats.

When we got home, Kit walked the floor meowing and meowing and I just knew it was because he missed his buddy. So... off we went again and adopted Shadow and they have been the two most sweet and happy cats. They love to be showered with attention and they both sleep in the bed with me.

Thanks to the Pulaski Animal Shelter for these two sweet cats.