This lovely dog came to the Pulaski shelter as a stray. She loves other dogs, cats, kids, and people. She never snapped, or even really barked. She pretty much sat and looked at all that passed while the other shelter dogs barked. Several volunteers began walking this dog known as "Sweet Pea" and found her name to be absolutely appropriate!

Sweet Pea was adopted by a couple who gave her to their mother. Despite seeing pictures on the internet and reading descriptions, once Sweet Pea was in her new home, her owner decided Sweet Pea was not "as advertised". Instead of returning Sweet Pea to the shelter or have the couple bring her to us, she took her to a kill shelter 3 hours away from our shelter. The shelter told the woman that she would have to return the dog to the humane society, but she refused, saying she would just let it go if they did not take her. The shelter staff of course were not going to let such a sweet dog be abondonded, they took her and promptly called us. Rita, a PCHS volunteer that fell in love with Sweet Pea, drove 3 hours to get her before she was euthanized.

Rita couldn't bear the thought of Sweet Pea being abondonded ONCE AGAIN so Rita has adopted her! Sweet Pea loves the couch, the great outdoors, and her new family! Her new name is Karma because she was always sweet to people and it finally paid off!

It turns out that Karma actually had a leg fracture before she arrived at the shelter, but noone realized it because this sweet girl never cried and never took more than two steps before rolling over for a belly rub! She is currently receiving care from Hope Animal Clinic and Athens Veterinary Orthopedic Center, both in Athens, GA.