My wife Amanda and I adopted Julio and Rose in May 2010. These two longtime residents of the Pulaski County Humane Society Shelter Cat Condo had nice lengthy descriptions that gave us a sense that they would be ok living together in our home. My wife and I had discussed getting two kitties, but only if we thought they would get along in our apartment.

They seem to love their new home. They play with each other, observe the world through the windows of our second-story apartment, and make sure we know when it's dinner time! They even have a 6-foot tall cat climbing tower. Julio likes to sit up high in what we call the "Crow's Nest", while Rose likes to sit closer to the bottom where she can still see out the window.

Julio has become a big snuggle bug who likes nothing more than to collapse on my wife's lap and snooze the time away. Rose has been described as our resident "diva" -- always camera-ready. When we aren't playing with them, they often chase each other and play wrestle. The Pulaski County Humane Society Shelter took great care of this couple and I'm glad to say they are now two happy kitties in a happy home.