I originally stopped into PCHS in November of 2008 looking for an Australian Shepard i found on petfinder, but he had already been adopted out. Walking down the line of cages, this handsome boy couldn't be missed as he wildly threw his spotted legs and paws up at the kennel door. It was love at first sight! Unfortunately, Jasper doesn't know he's a 40 lb dog. he thinks he's a lap dog! He loves to creep up onto the couch, and before i know it, he will be sitting on my lap on the couch rubbing his face as deep as it will go into my neck, or curling up to watch tv. He is truly a great companion, and although I have only had him for a couple months now, it seems like we've been together for years. He caught right on to basic commands, and his silly character makes me laugh everyday. He loves being close to me, long walks, hiking with me, and teasing the other dogs!