I saw Harmony, Joy, and their brother on the Petfinder website. My veterinarian had told me that my pit bull mix, Warren, would like a pal, and that he would be most likely to accept a female pit mix puppy, so I had been looking. I emailed the volunteer who told me that the brother had been adopted but the two girls were still available.

In Washington DC, where I live, puppies are usually adopted. Because I was driving to Tennessee and Pulaski was on my route, I called the volunteer on Friday. To my surprise the puppies were still available.

The people at the shelter were very helpful. I was given the name of several local veterinarians, and one was willing to work in two spay surgeries! The shelter employee waited for me to send my information for the adoption, and then took the puppies to the vet! I could not have adopted these two without this help.

These pit mix girls have wonderful temperaments. Warrie, Harmony and Joy get along well, and they get along with my cats as well. Joy and Harmony are learning about all sorts of new things, and are squiggly wonderful new members of the family.