I just dropped by to tell you how Kathy (Now: Gracie) is doing.

I always visit the shelter anytime I can, I sympathize with all the animals hoping they'll find a new owner. I came in about a week before my 18th birthday just looking for a birthday present. I had wanted some sort of small dog, but I decided I would take a cat off of your hands instead. I decided to take a small calico cat by the name of Kathy. She was so amazing and extremely playful, yet cuddly and sweet.

When I got her home, my two inside dogs, Meeko and Squirt fell in absolute love with her, but she didn't like them so much. Now she is beginning to get along with them (until it is dinner time, and then when they try to take her chicken in gravy, she can get a little feisty).

She means the world to me and I couldn't have asked for a better present, ever. An amazing amount of love and t hanks goes out to all of the volunteers and workers there at PCHS from Nicholas and Gracie.