The day I began volunteering at the shelter I fell in love with the most pathetic looking kitten I had ever seen. Blackie as they called her at the shelter was about 4 weeks old and at the time weighed less than a pound. I was nervous about her health but once I took her home it didn't take long for her to begin putting on weight.

Now she is healthy and happy. At night she likes to cuddle up next to my neck, kneading it and licking it. When she's not sleeping she's a little firecracker trying to play with both of my adult cats and puppy.

Grace has become my cat Sidney’s shadow, whatever Sidney does Grace wants to be right there doing it too. Grace has become a playmate for my other cat Izzy. Izzy and Grace love to chase each other around the house. Our puppy Miles likes to play chase with Grace too, but she thinks he plays too rough.

Grace has been the perfect addition to our family. She is the best part of volunteering at the Pulaski County Humane Society.