We adopted Ginger from Pulaski Animal Control in August of 2008. We had just lost our beloved Bandit, also a shelter dog, to cancer. I was eight months pregnant with our son when my then four year old daughter and I spotted Ginger sitting quietly in the kennel she was sharing with two or three other puppies. She was reluctant to leave her kennel and we had to go in get her. She was very scared. Once we got her out into the lobby she warmed up and we took her home.

Ginger's journey was a long one. She was skin and bones, infested with worms and fleas and her coat was dull and brittle. She slept and slept for the first week. I'd like to say that we bonded instantly but that didn't happen. We had to get to know her and she had to get to know us. It took time and patience. We don't know what kind of life she had before, but Ginger had some adjustment problems at first. She had such little confidence that she started marking her favorite sleeping spots - including our bed! That was nearly a deal breaker as we couldn't have her peeing on our bed! But with some more training (she's not allowed on the beds or couches) and her own personal towel she can lay on, I'm happy to report we haven't had any more bed or house marking :)

Today, Ginger is a happy, sweet, loving member of our family. She is the most gentle dog around my kids and they adore her. Visitors are always saying how sweet she is and even my close friend, who is not a dog person, says she loves Ginger! Ginger is the fastest dog I have ever seen. She flies through the fields behind our house and she really is beautiful to watch. Patience, training and love brought out our diamond in the rough. A big thanks to PCHS and Animal Control for the fantastic work you do every day!