I adopted Foxy, who was formerly called Gabby, I believe in July 2005 from Pulaski County. I heard that the shelter had a lot of puppies and dogs that needed to be adopted and that the new facility had just opened from a volunteer who worked there. I went one day while I was taking summer school classes and was lonely, I decided I wanted a companion to keep me company. Foxy, is now about 50 pounds and is very loyal, sweet and playful. We split our time between Radford and my parents home in Cumberland, Va where Foxy enjoys playing with my three other dogs, roaming around on our 28 acres and getting spoiled! She has adjusted to college life very well, and loves to swim at the park and go on walks while in Radford. I was very fortunate to find such a great pound puppy, and wonderful first dog of my very own!

Note: Foxy is the all black dog in the picture with our other pound puppy Belle!