I adopted the love of my life, Dusty, from your shelter a few years back. I was looking for a new pet as my lifelong pet had cancer and wasn't expected to live much longer. I thought a new puppy would help my children with the pain of losing their best friend. And what better place to find that new friend!

Dusty had been adopted out several times and was brought back to the shelter, because the owners had thought him too much to handle. He was a very active dog and something about him and me well,...we just clicked it was love at first sight.

The first few months were a trial. It was near Christmas, and Dusty being the curious puppy he was tore down the Christmas tree, opened presents, and even went as far as pulling potatoes out of my potato bin and playing with them throughout the house while I was at work. After the 1st week he contracted parvo and we thought we would lose him. I took off a week from work and babied him, fed him Pedialyte through a dropper as well as gave him his medicine though a shot under the neck. But love and patience paid off, and ever since that time he has never left my side.

He is the most wonderful dog I have ever owned. His favorite pastimes are now sitting with me watching TV, riding in the car, and chasing the birds when we go for our daily outings. He is very well behaved and according to the vet was suffering from abandonment issues.