Cotton's story comes full circle.

You see, I fell in love with Cotton about a month before he was adopted. At the time, I could not afford the adoption fee so the Shelter was kind enough to keep me informed of his progress. When he was adopted, I was so excited for him! Not long after his adoption, one of my co-workers was telling me about a special cat that a friend of their's had gotten. It didn't take me long to realize that they were talking about Cotton! I made it clear to them that should anything happen, I would take Cotton. As it turned out, Cotton's Adopter had severe allergies to him, so Cotton is now living very happily with me. He's deaf, limps, and is absolutely fearless - the perfect combination to boss around my Shar-Pei! He fits right in

I don't believe in "coincidence" and prefer to believe that Cotton was meant to live with me.

The dog in this pic is my Shar-Pei Rudy. Rudy would NEVER hurt a cat and of course, Cotton is completely fearless. For some reason, Cotton has decided that he should get to eat out of Rudy's bowl at breakfast and dinner. Rudy isn't too keen on this idea and my precious boy has come up with some sounds that make me think of a Rottweiler on PCP. I've never HEARD him sound so vicious. The thing is...Cotton can't hear it. So the more Cotton ignores Rudy, the louder and more vicious sounding Rudy gets. I usually head to the kitchen and remove Cotton before Rudy puts himself into some kind of fit. What a hoot!

And here's a new picture of Cotton cuddling with Zach, the exotic shorthair.