We lost our 14 year old Elkhound, Rya, in November, 2003, to the failings of old age. We miss her everyday still, but we've always thought that grieving the loss of a pet doesn't preclude us from loving another one. (And there are sooooo many out there that need some love!). So in December, I drove out to the Pulaski Shelter to check on an Australian Cattledog that was on the website. Well, that dog was not there but I went in and had a look at the others. I wish I could have taken them all home. Cohiba was sitting at the front edge of the far kennel and when I walked up to her she just started wagging her tail and looking at me with eyes full of so much hope... I couldn't leave without her.

It's funny because my husband had always said, "no border collies and no puppies". The border collies because we never wanted a dog that was too much smarter than us and the puppies just because of the work involved. Well, Cohiba is definitely smarter than us (although she looks more kelpie than border collie) and she was only about 1 when we got her. She's fiesty, stubborn, incredibly sweet and we wouldn't trade her for the world.