I took Cody to Town and Country vet to be shampooed and trimmed. The groomer there said he was so adorable with his hair that if it was ok with me they would just bathe him and comb the mats out unless there were bad ones, then they would trim. Well I love his soft coat, so I told her that was fine. Boy oh boy did he come out smelling great and looking like a star cat in the movies!

And I have never seen a cat that loves to be brushed like he does. I don't know about you, but I love this fluffy guy. But look at his feet, how they trimmed the long hair off of them. He has more grip now and is not sliding as much.

All I can say is wow what a fur-friend! Whoever gave him up really made a mistake! Cody wont go without love here! He stole my heart the day we brought him home. He is one big leg hugger.

Thank you for everything. Sorry no lion cut yet - I like the fluff. I didn't know they could clean him up so much without a cut. Now tell me, don't he look happy?