Onyx was found while searching, via the web, in a 250 mile radius from my zip code in South Carolina for an Australian Shepherd. It was not my first search, and not a search I did daily, but one Friday, in July, 2007, I had a strong urge to look for my Aussie. The reason I wanted another female Australian Shepherd is because I adopted my first abandoned Australian Shepherd without knowing anything about them, and she turned out to be the smartest dog I ever lived with. She died in 1999. That Friday, after I had entered all of my search criteria, a picture of "Onyx" appeared and my heart told me she would be the right Aussie type dog for me. I sent out an email to the Pulaski County Humane Society to be sure she was still available. The following Monday I received a reply that she was available and after all the proper arrangements were made, I drove four hours from my house to pick her up in Dublin, Virginia.

On our way back from Dublin, Onyx walked on some of the trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway. She really enjoyed the adventure, and after we stopped and explored several more trails, she slept peacefully all the way back to South Carolina in her crate.

In the 10 days she has been in her new surroundings she has proved herself to be as intelligent as my first Australian Shepherd and is so like her that I kept calling her "Bonnie" - my first Aussie's name. Thus, Onyx is now "The 'Bonnie' Lass from Dublin".

Bonnie and my cat are still discussing their relationship rules, but Bonnie allows the cat "Mitzie" to be Queen of the house and that is truly an intelligent decision. Bonnie will be enjoying lots of walks and open space and she will be living inside the house, (no crate) with all of us as a new, and much loved, family member.