We came in to visit the animal shelter one day just to stay busy before we had to go to work. That is when we saw Baby (known as Rose at the shelter). She seemed sort of shy and maybe a bit timid. We fell in love with her. She was given up by her owner so we had to wait a little more than a week before we could adopt her. I can't believe someone would actully want to give her away. She is such a good dog. She was pregnant when we brought her home. Baby gave birth to 9 puppies 2 boys and 7 girls on November 3rd 2006. She was laying on my new bed set when it was in the laundry basket. She was a pretty good mommy.

Baby has had all her shots and has been checked from head to toe to make sure she is healthy. She has also been spayed. She is such a delight to our home. Baby likes to spend her time playing with her friends Tyler, Roo, and Miss Kitty. She loves people and attention.

Thank you so much for helping us bring her into our home.