Augustus and Cesar came to the shelter 4 weeks apart.

Augustus came in with his umbilical cord still on - estimated to have just been born. He came in with 4 siblings and was the strongest from the get go - crying and squirming. One volunteer tried to bottle feed all 4, 2 died and I took over trying to save the last 2. Another one died, but Augustus prevailed! My husband did a LOT of the bottle feeding shifts since he was always up at 2 am and at 7 am, and home for lunch at noon! Augustus and Anthony are still best buddies. Augustus gets a running start and climbs all the way up Anthony and gives him a neck hug, purring LOUDLY along the way.

Cesar came into the shelter a teeny orphan. He was SO darling I just couldn't stand leaving the little thing alone in the dark back of the shelter. Augustus needed social interaction so I decided to bottle feed them both (Well, ANTHONY actually did the feeding). They are joined at the hip, always together - sleeping, playing, eating.

I always scolded my volunteers for falling in love with foster pets and being unable to part with them --- now I understand! If you can find room in your home for a sweet cat or 2, please consider it. There are so many in need it breaks our hearts to have to put any down, and it always happens. SPAY AND NEUTER everything within your reach! We have a world full of great animals without loving homes. We can't imagine our home without these 2 and the thought of them being born to simply die is truly sad.