Hey Guys!

Here I am in my new home! I just love this chair, it's just my color, don't you think?

Thanks for taking care of me for so long, I wouldn't have found my People Friends otherwise. They took me to meet the super nice vets and techs at Radford Animal Hospital and I get to go back to visit my friends there every two weeks to have my teeth cared for. It turns out that I am only 1.5 years old, but I have a gum/tooth virus that makes my teeth look very old.

One of the great activities at my house is to sit and watch the "Bird Channel" on the big picture window where we can see the wild birds come to feed from the porch. My friend from the Cat Condo, RacerSaurus, and I have wrestling contests and racing contests and "Catch the Paper Ball" contests. She usually wins, but that's just because I let her.

Please let the other kitties at the Shelter know that you can learn a lot from sitting in a lap: I'm learning to use the computer, to knit and cross-stitch, to use the phone and to read! It's my most favorite thing to do and I get very excited when my People friends come back from someplace called "work" because then I can sit in their laps again.

I still give great hugs!

Love and kisses,
(formerly known as Pippy)