As you may know, animal overpopulation is a serious problem and it only continues to worsen. It is estimated that every hour in the United States, more than 2,000 dogs and 3,500 cats are born, compared to 415 humans. As a result, 17,000,000 dogs and 30,000,000 cats are born each year, and unfortunately, over 20,000,000 of these pets end up in shelters. Of these, over 15,000,000 are euthanized. We at the PCHS feel that we have an obligation to ensure that animals within our county receive proper and humane care. Therefore, we should strive to significantly reduce the number of animals euthanized and born unwanted.

Do your part to help overcome the ever increasing problem of pet overpopulation.
Please spay or neuter your pets!

For more information on pet care and safety, please check out some of the resources on our Links page.

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