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  • Where is the shelter located? How do I get there?
  • The Pulaski County Animal Shelter & Humane Education Center is located on Dublin Park Road in the same complex as the Dublin Police Station, Town Center Hardware, and the US Post Office. Just look for the road that goes off into the woods and we're at the end of that road under 2 water towers. You can find driving directions HERE.
  • When is the shelter open?
  • Please visit our contact page for current shelter hours.
  • How many kennels/cages/pens do you have?
  • Adult Dog Intake: 16 Dog Kennels
    Adult Dog Adoption: 9 Dog Kennels
    PCHS Rescue Row: 7 Dog Kennels
    Puppy Room: 16 Puppy Cages
    PCHS Condo: 15-25 cats/kittens
    Animal Control Cat Intake: Cages for 25-35 cats/kittens
  • Is this a no-kill shelter?
  • No. All animals that enter the shelter are initially the property of Animal Control. If a pet is not claimed by an owner, adopted, or transferred to the PCHS, Animal Control may humanely euthanize by injection. Adoptable animals are given as much time as possible (as long as space allows), but many more animals enter shelters nationwide than there are available homes.
    Cats and dogs under the control of the Pulaski County Humane Society (Cat Condo, Rescue Row, and Foster) are not euthanized unless it is deemed necessary for medical or serious behavioral reasons.
  • How long do animals stay in the shelter?
  • VA state animal control laws require stray animals found without collars to be kept for a minimum of 5 days and strays with collars to be held a minimum of 10 days. Animals that are surrendered to Animal Control by their owners may be euthanized immediately.Typically, animals that are suffering due to lack of medical treatment and those that are aggressive are euthanized. However, the Humane Society does treat many sick or injured animals that enter the shelter to help them recover and find homes.
    Basically, animals should be adopted as soon as possible in order to save their lives.
  • I can't keep my pet anymore. Will you take it?
  • If you're a resident of Pulaski County, you can bring your animal to Pulaski County Animal Control during their business hours. You'll need your driver's license or proof of residence.
    If you are NOT a resident of Pulaski County, you'll need to contact your local shelter.
    The Pulaski County Humane Society does not accept any pets from the public. However, if you would prefer to hold onto your animal until a suitable home is found, PCHS may be able to help you advertise.
  • There are cats all over my property and they don't belong to me or any of my neighbors. Will you come get them?
  • No. Pulaski County Animal Control and the Pulaski County Humane Society do NOT pick up feral cats. The best thing you can do is borrow a humane trap from the shelter (you'll need to pay a refundable deposit) and trap them yourself.
  • I live outside of Pulaski County. Can I bring my stray or unwanted animals to your shelter?
  • No. Only residents of Pulaski County can bring animals to this shelter. Check your phone book for a shelter in your area.
  • There's some sort of wild animal in my yard. Can you come get it?
  • No. Pulaski County Animal Control and the Pulaski County Humane Society do not handle wild animals. Check your phone book for wildlife removal services or contact your local game warden.

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