For more than five years, the humane society worked with the county to plan, design, and locate a new, modern shelter to replace the old, dilapidated county shelter. Finally, after many donations and a lot of work, the new Pulaski County Animal Shelter and Humane Education Center opened its doors on April 9th, 2005.

The new shelter houses Pulaski County Animal Control as well as the humane society. Now that both organizations are located under the same roof, it is possible to work side-by-side.

The new shelter is an innovative and attractive facility that centralizes PCHS' efforts to help animals and educate pet owners. Our headquarters is located in the shelter, allowing us to manage the education room and its programs. The shelter also houses one of the only sterilization clinics located in a county shelter in Southwest Virginia. The PCHS Spay Clinic is managed and funded by PCHS with help from local veterinarians.

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The Birth of the Pulaski County Animal Shelter
by Ashley Hall

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