Meet Justin, a beautiful stray dog who was probably hit by a car.  Pulaski County Animal Control picked him up and splinted his leg because he was limping.  After removing the splint, Justin still limped, awaiting adoption into a loving forever home.  The adoption never came.

The Pulaski County Humane Society tested Justin to determine his temperament, in hopes of getting him into the Petsmart Rescue Waggin' program that would transport him to a shelter able to guarantee him a home.  Justin tested as the perfect dog.  He’s loveable and not aggressive. Unfortunately, they couldn’t take Justin until after his limp was diagnosed and the problem was corrected.

PCHS took Justin to the vet, who diagnosed him with a separated shoulder which would not heal without surgery.

UPDATE: Thanks to many generous donors, The Humane Society was able to raise the funds to treat Justin’s leg and in November, he left town on the PetSmart Rescue Waggin and went to a great new home!

Please consider making a special donation to help our stray pets that come to us without a home to pay for their care. We have at least one animal each year that needs a limb removed. It is an expensive procedure, and although the vets always reduce the fee for us, it would be nice to have the money set aside for these emergencies. Having reserve funds for emergency care often means the difference between life or death.

Animals need our love and help. How they continue to be so forgiving to humans remains a mystery. Thanks to each of you for caring!