Clementine was found by a citizen that had been feeding her outside at her home. The little calico was alone, scared, and seriously injured. She was carefully rescued by Animal Control and rushed to Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center for emergency surgery to remove a full sized arrow from her front leg. Apparently, some cruel neighbors had used her as target practice and left her to suffer. Her leg could not be repaired, so the Humane Society decided to give this little girl a chance -- we would figure out how to pay the bill later. In addition, Clementine was pregnant and unable to carry her babies due to this horrific injury.

Please keep in mind:

If you see ANYONE abuse an animal, please contact your local Animal Control officers or the Police.

UPDATE: A special donor has agreed to pay Clementine's vet bill and care for her for THE REST OF HER LIFE! Clementine is in the process of being adopted as a solely indoor cat. She will live the rest of her life in peace, with no fear of injury by a cruel stranger. Her leg is healing very nicely, she LOVES belly rubs, and she is a big purrer. She will live a happy, normal life even though she only has 3 legs. Her fur will grow back over her "scar of saddness".

Please consider making a special donation to help our stray pets that come to us without a home to pay for their care. We have at least one animal each year that needs a limb removed. It is an expensive procedure, and although the vets always reduce the fee for us, it would be nice to have the money set aside for these emergencies. Having reserve funds for emergency care often means the difference between life or death.

Animals need our love and help. How they continue to be so forgiving to humans remains a mystery. Thanks to each of you for caring and a big, BIG THANK YOU to officers McMillian and Lorton, Dr. Vaughn, the citizen that was so upset for poor Clementine, and our wonderful donor!