The PCHS Spay Clinic is a limited service clinic that helps those in need in our community. The convenience of location allows the shelter to ready animals for rescue and adoption. The clinic is also open to all clientele in Pulaski County as well as surrounding areas. The clinic is run by the Pulaski County Humane Society with the help of licensed vet techs, licensed veterinarians, humane society staff and dedicated volunteers. The clinic is located in the back of the Pulaski County Animal Shelter and Humane Education Center

The Spay Clinic is scheduled by appointment only as well as pre-payment for surgery so clients can receive vital information for pre-surgery.


  • Dog Spay or Neuter: $85
  • Cat Spay or Neuter: $70

These prices include rabies & distemper vaccines (DHPP for dogs/FVRCP for cats) and pain medication for dogs & female cats.
*Please Note: an additional $10 fee will be charged for in-heat or pregnant female dogs and an additional $5 will be charge for cryptorchid male dogs.

Volunteering at the Clinic

Interested in volunteering? We need volunteers for the following duties:

  • Help with preparation: Volunteers prepare kennels and cages the day before surgery (usually takes 2 hours the day before a clinic, and can be done in the afternoon or evening)
  • Help with check-in: Volunteers organize the 15-25 pets and their paperwork on the morning of surgery (8AM-10AM on the day of surgery. This is a job for early risers!)
  • Help with recovery: Volunteers monitor animals as they come out of surgery, clean kennels, and check out pets when their owners arrive. (9AM-1PM and/or 1PM-5PM on the day of surgery)

All surgery volunteers MUST show up at their slated time since we have 20 - 30 pets scheduled to have surgery.
All volunteers must be able to work in concert with other volunteers.

If you think you might be interested in volunteering at the clinic, please contact us!

*Special thanks to SHONEY'S for sponsoring our Surgery Days!*

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