Animal abuse is a serious issue locally and nationally. The PCHS works to prevent animal abuse in our community through education.

Did you know that the causes of violence toward animals are directly related to the causes toward humans?

Research indicates that:

  • In the cycle of violence, animals are usually the last link in a chain of violence that filters down from the strongest family member to the weakest.
  • Children raised in an abusive household may imitate this behavior with animals. (In 2003, Pulaski County was ranked second highest in the state for percentage of children abused or neglected)
  • Children often abuse animals to release aggression they feel toward abusive adults.
  • Children who abuse animals are more likely to abuse people as they get older.
  • Those in prison for violent crimes have usually abused animals in their childhood.

One of the most common forms of animal abuse we see is neglect. Neglect means denying a living thing its basic needs: food, water, shelter, and medical care. Letting an animal or person suffer from starvation, dehydration, severe weather, injury, or parasites is just cruel.

Animals and people don't have to undergo this needless suffering. YOU can be an important factor in making sure they don't.

You can:

  • Report animal abuse or neglect to an appropriate authority (In the Pulaski County area, please contact Animal Control at 540-674-8359).
  • Vote on legislation concerning education, social service delivery, and the allocation of funds toward the prevention of abuse to animals and people in your community and country
  • Support organizations that protect animals and children by contributing time or money

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